• iPhone owners who installed iOS 14.6 are reportedly experiencing heavy battery drains as of late
  • Apple has yet to address the iOS 14.6 battery issue and if a firmware update would be released
  • Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.5.1 following the release of iOS 14.6

Each time Apple releases an iOS update, there are bound to be bugs and issues. But in the case of iOS 14.6, it appears the allegations of some iPhone owners are pretty serious since it deals with the battery of the device.

The battery life of iPhones is pretty important, especially for folks who are heavy users. And while most know the importance of applying the latest operating system updates due to security concerns, other problems are hardly surprising. Some users recently encountered heavy battery drainage, most claiming it happened after installing iOS 14.6.

A look at the Apple Support Forums showed several iPhone owners saying that they have been experiencing excessive battery drainage at a fast rate when compared to previous OS releases. One even pinned the blame on Siri, alleging that the feature consumed 70% of an iPhone XS battery after a complete charge.

However, others shared different experiences. One saw his iPhone 12 battery drop to 30% while it was being charged overnight while another claimed that their battery drained faster than their Apple Smart Cover could recharge their iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple has yet to issue an official explanation on the matter. However, some users came up with their explanations. One pinned the blame on the Podcasts app while another suggested it could be tied to the AirTags.

Worth noting here is that Apple does keep track of complaints, particularly on social media. So far, it appears the number of complainants is not that significant compared to the ones from previous iOS versions.

Like in the case of the iPhone 12 Pro battery drain issue in December, the volume of complaints was considerably bigger compare to the ones complaining right now. Apple is likely to issue a fix soon in the form of a firmware update if the excessive battery drain issue becomes a major concern.

Related to the release of iOS 14.6 is the word that signing for iOS 14.5.1 has now stopped. This means that Apple owners may no longer be able to downgrade their operating systems. This is the normal practice of the Cupertino company, especially once a new OS is released.

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