After Apple introduced its first over-the-air iOS update - the iOS 5.0.1 - to users last month promising key improvements and bug fixes, the Dev team advised iOS device users to avoid upgrading to iOS 5.0.1 if they are still waiting for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 as the flow for downgrading to iOS 5 was still to be developed.

Note about 5.0.1: don't update if you plan on jbking : the bug Charlie MILLER found can simplify exploits dramatically and will be closed, iOS hacker @pod2g tweeted.

But if you've already opted for the upgrade, don't think you are out of luck. A way around the firmware block has reportedly been figured out by hacker iH8sn0w. iFaith v1.4, a (currently) Windows-only tool, allows users to downgrade to iOS 5.

According to prominent iOS hackers MuscleNerd and pod2g, an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is under construction and will arrive soon. Once the jailbreak is out, iFaith will enable users to apply the patch to their iOS 5 devices.

The iFaith v1.4 makes it possible for dumped iOS 5 signature hash blobs (SHSH blobs) to permit unsigned restores, assuring users, who have upgraded to iOS 5.0.1, that all is not lost, Engadget reported.

For more details watch the video below:

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