On Monday, evasi0n received an update that took it to the version 1.5.3 from 1.5.2. evasi0n.com

Ever since its highly anticipated release Monday, the iOS 6, 6.1 untethered jailbreak tool evasi0n has received a huge response from millions of users around the world. It has rightly been deemed as one of the easiest untethered jailbreak solutions for the iOS ever made. But despite that fact, it too turned prey to some performance issues like crashing of the stock Weather app on the iPhone and the long reboot issue reported by some users.

Following complaints from affected users, members of the evad3rs team started working on an updated package to Cydia in an effort to provide fixes for the issues. Meanwhile, one of the team members, Pod2g, provided a solution for the Weather app crashing issue on his official blog that required users to run a script on their devices.

On Wednesday, the evad3rs team came up with an update to evasi0n untethered jailbreak tool that brought the utility to version 1.1. The update includes fixes for both Weather app and longer reboot issues, iDownloadBlog reported.

“evasi0n has been updated to version 1.1. It basically includes the fixes that have been posted on Cydia first. evasi0n.com,” reads a tweet from evad3rs.

Given that evasi0n 1.1 brings nothing new apart from the fixes for the aforementioned bugs, for those users who luckily did not encounter any of those problems after jailbreaking with evasi0n, the update “doesn’t really apply.”

“But for those who haven’t jailbroken yet, or plan on doing it again in the near future, you’ll want to grab the new version of evasi0n to keep the process as painless as possible,” the report added.

Here’re the download links of evasi0n 1.1:

Mac, Windows, Linux

Fix Via Cydia

Updated Cydia packages for crashing Weather app and long reboot bugs
Updated Cydia packages for crashing Weather app and long reboot bugs. iDownloadBlog

After receiving complaints from users about the crashing Weather app issue and long reboot issue following the use of evasi0n, evad3rs said that an updated package would be available in Cydia that would fix these issues with the corrupted plist file. Well, the hackers were indeed quick enough to release an update to Cydia Wednesday.

Planetbeing took to his Twitter account to confirm the same: “Fixes for the long reboot issue and Weather app issue are now available on Cydia with an update to the untether and uikittools.”

Pod2g also announced the same via his Twitter account: “Fixes for evasi0n have been released in Cydia. They are not compatible with AppSync (software to pirate apps). That was not intended!”

If you are one of the device owners, affected by these bugs, try the following process:

Step 1: Go to Cydia app from your iPhone’s home screen.

Step 2: Tap on “Changes.” After loading for a moment, you will get two new files – "evasi0n 6.0-6.1 Untether" and "UIKit Tools".

Step 3: Tap on “Upgrade” in the top to install both the files.

Step 4: After the new files are installed, reboot the device.

All the annoying issues should now be resolved. However, if you still face issues even after installing the upadates, here's a recommendation from Pod2g that you should try out:

“If you're still having issues after updating fixes from Cydia (and had AppSync installed...). You could try a restore and use evasi0n 1.1.”

Update: The team evad3rs has updated evasi0n to the version 1.2. The new version disables OTA updates and brings fix for the timezon issue. Here're the download links for evasi0n 1.2:

Mac, Windows, Linux

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