iPad 3 Price Rumors
iPad 3 Price Rumors Apple | TechnTrend

Several unverified rumors have appeared on the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo that Apple may increase the cost of the iPad 3. It is believed that there can be a hike of up to $80 in iPad 3 when it is compared to the iPad 2.

According to the MacRumors, a price list has been prepared for the iPad 3 with different specifications and it is compared to the iPad 2. If the price list is believed, then the starting price of the iPad3 will be $579 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. The prices for the 32GB and 64GB Wi-Fi models will be $679 and $779 respectively. Interestingly, the list shows that the iPad 3 will include only 3G and not the 4G.

If the iPad 3 costs more than the iPad 2 then the reason behind this can be the advanced features of the iPad 3. It is believed to run the upgraded processor and will boast of an amazing display.

On Feb. 9, AllThingsD had reported that the iPad 3 would be almost similar to the iPad 2 but will have an enhanced graphics processing unit that runs a faster chip and will have a resolution of 2048x1536 Retina Display.

On Feb. 25, ZDNET reported the expected features of iPad 3. The display screen of the iPad 3 will be of 8-inch and it will be powered by the quad-core A6 processor, providing the fast performance along with the front and the rear camera with the better resolution and the evolution of a micro dock.

It is expected that Apple will release the iPad 3 during the first week of March. Recent rumors claim Apple's Chinese manufacturing partner Foxconn has already begun dispatching the iPad 3 to different locations in the U.S. to gear up for the launch.