Everyone’s attention might be on the foldable gadgets set to be released by Samsung and Huawei by the middle of the year, but Apple’s next iPhone is still getting some excited anticipation. This is despite the fact that the Cupertino giant won’t be competing in the foldable gadget arena until 2020.

Now all eyes are open on what the next iPhone offering is and many are assuming that we’ll soon see what could possibly be the iPhone 11. But what’s so special about the next iOS phone? We know it won’t fold and we’re pretty sure we won’t be seeing a 5G iPhone anytime soon.

It’s still pretty amazing if the speculations are true. According to a report, the iPhone XS successor could be sporting some exciting features. First, there’s the triple-camera module which seems to be true if photos of iPhone case molds are to be believed. Next is an all-glass back which is actually pretty amazing on its own.

Some render courtesy of prominent Apple analyst Stever Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks) and CashKaro.com show how the new design could look. The render shows a single sheet of glass that covers the entire back of the iPhone and extends toward the sides and even on top of the triple camera. This design concept makes the Apple iPhone unbelievably sleek and elegant and makes it noticeably different from older iPhone models.

But that’s not the only thing that’s exciting with a possible glass back. Having the feature could mean wireless charging capabilities, which would allow users to charge accessories like the AirPods and even the Apple Watch by simply putting them on top of the smartphone.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested earlier that the new iPhones will include bilateral wireless charging support and that the iOS smartphone could be exchanging the 5W power brick for a new 18W adapter.

The new design could also move around some important parts. According to 9to5Mac the changes include the relocation of the microphone to the backside and the inlclusion of a differently shaped mute button. And the Lightning port seems to be there as well, crushing any hope that we’d finally see a USB-C-equipped iPhone this year.