Based on all the leaks that have come out so far regarding Apple’s supposed next flagship phone, the iPhone 11, we can expect some really good features from the new smartphone but also some odd design choices.

The iPhone 11 has been regarded as a layover phone before the actual model that’s already being perceived as excellent which is expected to arrive next year. This year’s lineup will have some few but significant changes that aim to make the Apple iPhone the most sought-after mobile device once more. Based on recent leaks, the looks will most likely stay similar to the 2018 lineup but the magic can be found inside.

The new phone is expected to have a new logic board that will house a powerful A13 chip which is expected to make it perform faster and launch apps with ease. The new logic board setup is also expected to vastly improve the phone’s battery life by around 30 percent. This change is being referred to as an important foundation of future iPhones.

The triple-camera system at the back remains to be one of the most talked-about functions of the new phone simply because it’s taking up a big part of the back thanks to the large camera hump that’s sectioning the new lens. Because of this, many have called the new feature as an ugly and boring addition to an otherwise powerful camera function of the new iPhone.

But it doesn’t stop there. According to Forbes, the Cupertino giant is set to introduce artificial intelligence into the image capturing in a feature called “Siri Intelligence.” This would make it possible to take better photos using AI. Apple insider Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) also shared that the new camera can capture Portrait mode data and 4K 30fps recording via the new 120-degree wide-angle camera (said to be iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max exclusives).

Now some analysts are also anticipating that it’ll have ProMotion function or 120Hz ProMotion technology that’s available in the LCD displays of iPad Pros.

This would be game-changing as it would offer what’s described as “the biggest real-world iPhone user experience upgrade in generations.” However, since this will be possible only for iPhones with OLED panels this fantastic camera feature is expected to be available only starting next year.

Perhaps this is another reason to actually wait out on purchasing a new iPhone and perhaps wait one more year for what’s already brewing to be the best iPhone in years.

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages
apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages gettyimages