As we get nearer the expected date of release for Apple’s next flagship phone, the iPhone 11, a number of new videos that supposedly show the actual rendering of the next iPhone’s design has been surfacing online.

So far, all phone “mock-ups” showcase the iPhone 11’s triple-camera module, a feature considered to be both boon and bane of the Cupertino giant's next flagship line. The triple camera is expected to once more establish iPhone’s to have one of the world’s most powerful phone cameras, a feature that has always enamored Apple fans to the iOS phone. 

However, the new triple-camera setup has also been getting a lot of negative publicity because the system pretty much takes up a lot of the phone’s rear space. It has been called a number of descriptions including “ugly” and “boring” by various Apple analysts and the most recent videos that showcase actual rendering of the new phones seem to have confirmed it. 

The latest video, courtesy of YouTuber Unbox Therapy, shows a very real depiction of the iPhone 11. The unit is said to have been created using all the references from rumors that have been released in the last few months. What was shown was a phone with the triple-camera set up in a body that echoes the aesthetics of previous XS models. According to a report from CNET, although there have been 3D mockups of the supposed next iPhone line, Unbox Therapy’s version is the most strikingly real. 

The report pointed out that the model in the video has a more accurate representation compared to other iPhone “units” that have popped out all over the net. The most noticeable difference is the square camera bump, which actually looked slimmer in the new video. The image sensors are also noticeably larger which makes the square hump larger as well. However, the new video shows a more comfortable “distance” between the hump and the Apple logo so it doesn’t look as bad as the previous “leaked” images. 

Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs Unbox Therapy, also pointed out the new mute button which now has a circular button that’s same as the new iPad. It’s not clear, however, if the charging port will now feature a USB-C or if it will retain Apple’s signature lightning cable port.