Apple will soon finally reveal its next flagship line of smartphones, unofficially dubbed the iPhone 11. 

It’s been a rough few months for the next iOS phone line as it has been called a number of unflattering descriptions including “ugly,” “boring” and even “mediocre” at best. In fact, this year’s line, even if it will bring important iPhone upgrades, is said to be simply a placeholder for the exciting changes that are still to come next year. 

Based on reliable reports from Apple insiders like Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 11 won’t be much different from the 2018 models in terms of how it would look like. The difference would mostly be on the features which include more advanced cameras in the form of the infamous triple-camera module, a better front-facing camera, a redesigned logic board which will house an A13 chip for faster performance and the very real possibility of better battery life. 

These (very few) changes will set a user back at least $1,000 for the unit -- similar to last year’s line which means the new phones are still going to be relatively expensive. 

In comparison, the 2020 iPhones are said to be 5G-ready. According to an earlier report from IBTimes, a note from reliable industry insider JPMorgan said that Apple’s 2020 iPhones are indeed getting 5G connectivity. This is a big blow to this year’s line because it would pale in comparison to the faster and more powerful 5G-ready iPhones. 

The 2020 phones are also rumored to have a switchable 60Hz/120Hz rate screen on the iPhone and is currently in talks with Samsung and LG for it. We know that this year’s iPhone won’t be upgraded to the 120Hz OLED Retina display which promises crisp and vibrant graphics, so that’s already a big issue to consider if you’re also contemplating on next year’s phone. 

The iPhone 11 is also rumored to be the last iPhone line to sport a lightning cable, which means that the faster and more convenient USB-C won’t make an appearance at least until next year. Considering all this information and knowing the possible price tag of the new Apple smartphone line, perhaps it would be wise to wait out this year and wait for next year’s excellent offerings.