Apple’s new iPhone 11 lineup boasts of a camera setup that’s unlike anything the iPhone has ever seen. The three new devices also enjoy two new features designed to make the iPhone 11 series the best choice for mobile photography.

One of these features is Deep Fusion, an advanced image processing feature that combines several images, all of them taken at different exposures, to produce high-quality photos in mid to low-light situations. The other, Night Mode, turns the iPhone 11 series into the perfect to take photos during dim and dark settings.

Many praise the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera capabilities. These people include professional photographers and nonprofit groups seeking to know the best products available in the market. Indeed, based on their words, the iPhone 11 Pro is the best mobile photography device to date.

Perfectly Imperfect

Despite the advancements in the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera, however, it’s not impossible for the device to have problems with the camera app. iPhoneHacks reported that the so-called “Black Camera” issue exists, and that it has affected some iPhone 11 Pro users already. This article is written for those who need help fixing or dealing with the Black Camera issue when it happens.

What’s the Black Camera Issue?

The Black Camera issue happens when users launch the camera on their iPhone, but end up seeing nothing but a black screen along with camera controls. It’s like something is blocking the camera at the back of the phone, making it impossible for users to snap some photos. Users shouldn’t panic when it happens, though, because it’s easy to fix.

How to fix it

There are two ways to fix the Black Camera Issue:

First, users can force close the camera app then launch it again. This is done via the App Switcher: Users should swipe a finger from the bottom of the iPhone’s screen, then press and hold on that finger for a second. App cards belonging to running apps will be shown once the App Switcher is active. Swipe on the Camera app card to force close it. Launch the Camera app again after force closing it.

Second, users can simply switch to the front camera and back while the Camera app is active. It doesn’t need any special actions; users only need to switch to the selfie cam if the rear camera shows a black screen, then return after.

These methods should do away with the Black Camera Issue on the iPhone 11 series.

iPhone users who are enjoying unlimited Google Photos storage at full quality but it might disappear soon as Google reveals it is currently working on a fix. A new report claims that the hardware and base price of iPhone SE 2 would make it the most popular iPhone model next year and Apple preidtcs that it would achieve around 30M sales. Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson