An Apple partner has recently confirmed that it is developing the next A13 chip for the company’s new iPhones. Apple is also testing this new technology but has refused to get into detail on its improvements. Here’s what we know about this new chip.

According to Bloomberg, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is currently working on the A13 chip for Apple. The chip will be used for the new iPhones to be released later this year. The exact release date of the new iPhones wasn’t mentioned in the report.

Early test production on the A13 chip actually started in April. One testing is over, the company will move on to handling mass production of this new A13 chip. The full specs of this chip have yet to be revealed. The testing details about the processor were confirmed by people familiar with TSMC’s work on the chipset.

With Apple’s focus on innovation, the A13 chip is expected to bring improvements to the performance of the next-generation iPhones. The next flagship device, dubbed “iPhone 11” by many fans and sources, will have improved processing speeds and will reportedly enhance battery life. The specific details on the speeds and other features are still a concealed from the public.

Nevertheless, the new features are expected to help Apple compete with other smartphone giants such as Huawei and Samsung. These competing companies are also following Apple’s innovative style since both are also working on customizing the parts their handsets have.

Aside from the new chip, the 2019 iPhone successors to the XR, XS, and XS Max series were confirmed to have upgraded cameras, new dimensions and a new charging feature. Both the next generation XS and XS Max will have a third camera with a wide-angle lens that will further enhance the photography capabilities of the devices.

Meanwhile, the XR successor will sport a second camera lens that is said to increase the zooming feature of the device. For now, we’ll have to wait for more details about the new 2019 iPhones. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 is scheduled to take place this June, perhaps we will hear more information about the upcoming devices at the event.