Apple may drop support for the sixth to eighth generation iPhones once the iOS 13 update is released. After this update, these phones won’t be able to use the new software features that are introduced in latter updates. Here’s what we know about this potential change.

Inside sources of French site released a list of devices that’ll be compatible with the new iOS 13 update. The devices which may be dropped are the iPhone 5S, SE, 6, and 6 Plus. The latest iOS 12 update software features and add-ons will be the last to arrive on these iPhones.

The iPhone 5S and these other devices were released as early as 2013. Soon, Apple will need to drop older devices in favor of developing new software for the latest iPhones. As of now, the iPhone 11, expected to be released this year, would be one of the recipients of this new update.

But many Apple owners like these older iPhones for their size, especially the iPhone SE. The SE fits right into any person’s hand due to its small size. Due to this, the phone is comfortable to use, making it a popular pick for owners who want smartphones for its basic functions and not the latest features.

The iPhone SE’s clearance sale in the Apple Store earlier this year also caught attention due to this phone’s subtle popularity. If the list proves true, many owners would have to wait for Apple to release another SE-like iPhone or find something new from the supported iPhones as of the moment.

The list also confirmed that iPhones starting from the 6S up to the latest model would be eligible for the upcoming iOS 13 update. So far, the new features that will come with the update have only been mentioned in unconfirmed speculations and leaks. However, an insider from iPhonesoft’s report noted that more performance improvements will be added.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Apple to announce new details about the iOS 13 update. The next Apple event in June, the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, may hold details about this new update.