Apple analysts seem to be scraping the barrel for any information regarding the upcoming iPhone 11, the Cupertino giant’s supposed next flagship lineup.

And it’s easy to understand why -- we've been bombarded with all kinds of negative news regarding the new phones (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XR 2), with many calling the upcoming gadgets boring and ugly. This is probably why everyone is trying to find the good side of the upcoming smartphones.

So far, the features, particularly the triple camera module at the back, have already been confirmed by Apple insider and YouTuber Filip Koroy (EverythingApplePro), who got his hands on what looked like legit iPhone cases for the iPhone 11. Koroy also shared that Apple will be ditching the L-shaped setup of the phone’s logic board and replacing it with a rectangular design that could very well mean improved battery life for the iOS smartphone.

Now, new information is also coming out saying that the California firm will be releasing new iPhones with a curved screen design. According to CNBC, a new Apple patent is pointing to a new smartphone with a curved screen.

“Electronic devices such as portable computers and cellular telephones are often provided with displays. For example, a liquid crystal display (LCD) may be formed from a stack of display structures such as an thin-film transistor layer with display pixels for providing visual information to a user, a color filter layer for providing the display pixels with color, a touch screen panel for gathering touch input from a user, and a cover glass layer for protecting the display and internal components,” the Apple patent described.

If this will become available to the new iPhone, then it can dramatically increase the advantages of purchasing one of this year’s iOS lineup. As it is, the iPhone 11 upgrades are nothing more than a small notch to offer better Apple phones and seemed to have been created mostly to level the new collection with powerful Android counterparts.

Considering these developments, Apple analysts are actually suggesting that fans should hold off purchasing a new phone this year and wait instead for the excellent 2020 iPhones that are seriously casting shadows over this year’s models.

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages
apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages gettyimages