Despite all the negative publicity that’s hounding Apple’s next flagship phone, the iPhone 11, there’s no denying that the waiting remains to be an exciting time for both fans and analysts. Interests on the next iOS phone that’s been described as both “boring” and “ugly” have been so strong that it basically overshadowed Android counterparts that will be holding an earlier launch.

But with all the news that’s coming out about the Cupertino giant’s new phone, which information can be considered accurate? IBTimes has grouped together some of the important details from reliable sources to help you decide if you should purchase the iPhone 11 or if it’s better to wait until next year for what’s gearing up to be Apple’s best iPhone line yet.

According to CNET, Apple is set to launch three new phone variants this September. Apple is known to be a stickler for dates and the company has been introducing new phones in September every year so it is assumed that the same will happen this year. The three new iPhones are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone XR 2.

Per another report from 9to5Mac, the new phones will sport a similar design as the 2018 models in terms of screen size, screen resolution and even screen technology. This means that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will have OLED display while the XR 2 will have an LCD screen like its predecessor.

The new phones will still have the Face ID that’s powered with True Depth camera. The front camera notch size will also remain the same. However, expect the 3D Touch to no longer be available but there will be an option for slow-motion video recording for the front cam.

The back camera, of course, remains to be the biggest news when it comes to the iPhone 11. The new feature has been considered both the positive and negative feature of the new phone. On the upside, the triple-camera module will make the iPhone 11 camera one of the most powerful in the market. Apart from the wide-angle and telephoto capabilities that have been available from previous models, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max is also expected to have a new ultrawide angle sensor. Per the report, all the new phones will get the new feature called "Smart Frame".

IBTimes earlier reported that this feature means that oddly cropped photos can now be repaired using additional content captured via the phone’s new lens. Even clips captured on video mode can actually be used to add additional headspace for photos.

The information about the new and powerful A13 processor seems to be accurate as well and has ushered a new era of iOS smartphones with an improved logic board. This means that there’s more option for better battery life for the iPhone 11 line. This rumored feature is said to be so groundbreaking that it’s set to be the “cornerstone” of future iPhones.

The iPhone 11 could also be the last iPhone line with a USB lightning port so fans should expect the USB-C iPhone to come out next year.

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An Apple iPhone X smartphone is seen at Apple's Regent Street store in central London on November 3, 2017 after it opened for the first sales of the new smartphone. - Apple's flagship iPhone X hit stores on November 3, as the world's most valuable company predicted bumper sales despite the handset's eye-watering price tag and celebrated a surge in profits. The device features facial recognition, cordless charging and an edge-to-edge screen made of organic light-emitting diodes used in high-end televisions. It marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone release and is released in about 50 markets around the world. AFP/Getty Images/Chris J Ratcliffe