Apple’s next flagship phone, the iPhone 11, has had its fair share of negative publicity lately.

The less than stellar updates and the triple-camera module at the back have been subjected to a lot of scrutinies from both analysts and Apple fans with a significant number of people actually calling the next iPhone lineup “boring” and “ugly.” Despite this, however, many still believe that the iPhone 11 will continue to sell well and have the same marketability as the iPhone XS when it was released.

Taking things into perspective, it is still amazing to see how news of the iPhone 11 seemed to have overshadowed the release of competing smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or the Google Pixel 4, despite all the negative news. This could be considered proof that Apple fans will remain loyal and analysts will continue to be interested in whatever the Cupertino giant has to offer the market.

Now the tide is turning and we’re seeing more updates on the upcoming iPhone that actually makes us believe that the next iOS smartphone might not be so bad after all.

In a BGR report, a video showing a rather stunning iPhone 11 got some Apple analysts quite excited. The video, created by graphic designer “Prospection” who uploaded his design render on the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, showcases an impressive concept design based on leaks courtesy of Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo.

The video shows that not all news regarding the iPhone 11 design should just be taken lightly. Per the video, the area of the square camera bump around the triple-camera system is actually not as bad as it sounds because it will be color-matched to keep the new look subtle.

Next, the video shows that the mute button has already been replaced by a round toggle much like the ones used in the new Apple iPod Pro tablets. The design has significantly changed the look of the phone, giving a general new feel to it. In other iPhone 11 leaks, most renders continue to use the old switch which makes it look like there’s nothing revolutionary about the upcoming phones.

The video is considered to be the best representation of the upcoming iPhone so far, and it actually gives us hope that the iPhone 11 is something worth considering once it launches this September.

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages
apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages gettyimages