Could Apple’s next flagship phone, the iPhone 11, be so ugly and boring that the Cupertino giant is even refusing to acknowledge that it exists?

As of this moment, all the information that we have on Apple’s next big iPhone lineup has come from reliable sources reporting on leaks and various speculations. There are no official statement or even teasers from the California tech firm itself and considering all the negative news the yet-to-be-announced phone is currently getting, one begins to wonder if we’re getting anything this year at all.

Apple, however, is a creature of a habit and if we base on this fact alone then we know for sure that an iPhone 11 is coming sometime this year. But when exactly? And are we even getting an official acknowledgment sometime soon?

According to 9 to 5 Mac, there are two months to go before Apple officially announces the release of the iPhone 11 flagship line. After Apple’s first major event this year, the World Wide Developers Conference, the next expected even would be this September when the iPhone 11 is set to make an appearance.

The September event is often a major media presentation wherein Apple announces what’s new from two of its major money makers: The iPhone and the Apple Watch. For this year, aside from the iPhone 11 and the presumed iPhone 11 Max, the general public can also expect announcements on the Apple Watch Series 5 and the iPhone XR successors.

For the past four years, the Cupertino firm has been consistent with launching a new iPhone lineup sometime between Sept. 9 to 12 so it would seem like a good bet that Apple would be choosing the same timeline -- either on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. This year the event could happen latest on Sept. 10 as Apple tries to avoid holding an event on Sept. 11.

Also following the release of new iPhones from previous launches, Apple generally opens up pre-orders by Friday after the event. This means that if Apple makes the announcement on Sept. 10, then pre-order would be available by Friday the 13th. The first batch of the new phones can then arrive by Friday the next week or the 20th.

Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup is expected to have a triple camera module at the back, something which has been hounding the company negatively for months. The new phone will also have a better battery life and could even be released with a new USB-C port for charging.

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages
apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages gettyimages