To improve cost and production efficiency, Apple is said to have changed its antenna technology this year. Aside from improving product, the new antenna is also confirmed to boost the iPhone 11’s transmission performance. Here’s what we know about this potential iPhone 11 development.

According to analyst Ming Chi-Kuo (via iPhoneHacks), Apple is potentially planning to use another technology for their 2019 iPhone devices. Instead of just the usual LCP antenna, Apple will now use a modified-PI (MPI) antenna technology.

The new MPI antenna will up the costs of making the 2019 iPhones like the iPhone 11 by 10-20 percent, but it will promise improved performance for the device. The new technology is said to improve its indoor navigation performance, which allows it to be more responsive to other devices and technologies that can interact with the iPhone systems.

As to the new design, Apple will combine both the LCP and MPI technologies. One combined MCI-LCP unit will be added for its top antenna and three MPI units are at the bottom part of the device. The changes in the design would also mean Apple will be parting ways with Career’s antenna components and other device production.

However, this change is considered to be temporary as it’ll revert back for the 2020 iPhones. The 2020 iPhone is expected to support 5G for its releases.

For now, Apple has yet to officially release any details about the upcoming iPhone 11. In the previous Apple events this 2019, Apple has revealed scarce information about their next device releases. Most of the company’s announcements were about its new and improved services to arrive later this year. Among those services are the Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and a magazine subscription collection.

Meanwhile, among the few announced devices for late 2019 is the next-generation AirPods. The new device will have battery improvements.

As for the iPhone 11, Apple has yet to reveal the full specs and details of the device. Fans are expecting to hear more details about the iPhone 11 in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference later this year.

apple touch id screen
Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on in-display fingerprint scanning technology for future iPhones. (Pictured: In this photo illustration, the setting page to use ID touch is displayed on the screen of an iPhone on February 07, 2019 in Paris, France.) Getty Images/Chesnot