Apple will reportedly offer three versions of its iPhone when it announces its new lineup later this year, according to a report from Bloomberg. The trio of devices will include the largest iPhone ever, an upgraded version of its current iPhone X and a less expensive model.

The rumored lineup, which Apple has not confirmed or commented on, is an attempt to expand the company’s smartphone offerings and reach a wider audience interested in features not offered by Apple’s current device roster.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is already running production tests with suppliers on the new devices and will unveiled the new handsets in the fall assuming everything goes according to plan for the company.

The rumored larger iPhone will creep into “phablet” territory—a term meant to indicate a device is between the typical size of a phone and a tablet. It will reportedly feature a screen that is close to 6.5 inches, which would make the device one of the largest on the market from a mainstream manufacturer.

The device will have a familiar size when holding it, as it will have nearly the same body as the iPhone 8 Plus. The additional size will be achieved by utilizing an edge-to-edge display like the one used on the iPhone X. The screen is rumored to have a resolution of 1242 x 2688, giving it the same sharpness as the 5.8-inch iPhone X. Apple will use OLED technology for the display.

The larger iPhone is expected to be targeted to business users who prefer the larger screen for work. It is expected the phablet-style iPhone will also benefit from the multitasking functionality and split-screen features that are available on the iPad.

Like the iPhone X, the larger iPhone will also include a Face ID camera, a feature that allows users to unlock the device and approve payments simply by looking at the device and allowing the camera to recognize their face.

The iPhone X is also set to get an upgrade come this fall, according to the report. It will feature an upgraded processor and potentially the option for a gold body for the device. Other details on the new iPhone X model are sparse, though Apple may need to consider an overhaul of the smartphone as the current model has underperformed expectations.

In order to compete with more budget-friendly smartphones on the market, Apple will reportedly also introduce a cheaper iPhone later this year. The new, affordable devices will feature the edge-to-edge screen seen on the iPhone X in order to give the device a more modern feel. It will also get the benefit of the Face ID scanner in place of the fingerprint scanner found on Apple’s previous generation devices.

To keep the cost of the device down, Apple will use an LCD screen similar to the one used on the iPhone 8. It will also have aluminum edges and a glass back like the iPhone 8 instead of the stainless steel body used on the iPhone X.

The device will be Apple’s first real attempt at created a budget device since it launched the iPhone 5c. The device was only $100 cheaper than an upgraded model, which wasn’t a big enough savings for many consumers. No price point for the rumored cheaper iPhone has been provided.