Preorders of the new Apple iPhone 3G S from the AT&T store online is already sold out, leaving many to have to resort to waiting in long queues at Apple and AT&T stores on Friday when it's officially launched.

AT&T preorders have sold out while other customers who are placing preorders now are being told the order will be held for up to two weeks before delivering.

However, customers who got their orders in early can still collect their iPhone 3G S at their respective AT&T store on Friday.

Preorders placed at an AT&T store will be picked up at that store, whereas online orders will be shipped directly to your home or office.

Eager customers have either two options; order online and have the iPhone 3G shipped to you, or hang out in long lines on Friday.

The iPhone 3G will also be sold at Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

Apple is also slated to roll out the iPhone 3.0 update today although the company has not yet confirmed the time.