iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S Reuters

iPhone was the most searched for word on Yahoo in 2011, so you know there has been plenty written about the now iconic Apple smartphone. But, when you are thinking of plunking down $200 on a mobile device, you need some real talk and dismiss the hype. For starters, the battery problem first experienced has now been fixed via a software update. Apple products do pretty well as far as battery life, but remember that heavy usage will cause you to charge it more often. That is not a glitch, it's just that mobile phone batteries still have a long way to go to meet people's expectations.

Next, iPhone 4S has a sweet camera, so you can safely ditch your point and shoot in favor of iPhone's great stills and realistic video capture. Number three is that Siri is not a panacea, and she won't help you find your keys or give you something clever to say to impress people. She is impressive, and great at simple tasks and searches, though. You also need to know that if you thinking of doing any kind of unlocking, rooting or jailbreaking that you will be voiding your warranty on the device. Whether or not that matters to you, if you want to check out the next version of any software updates, you may have to un-root the device.

The fifth thing you need to know about iPhone 4S is that iPhone 5 could be here in less than a year, and it could have a larger display. You also need to know that iPhone 4 is now available for just $100; just saying. As an iPhone user, you're likely to hear some chatter about the Ice Cream Sandwich and how great it is. The new Android update has seemingly taken a few cues from Apple, but whoever came up with whatever idea, both Apple and Android are better for the competition. Number seven is that iPhone 4S takes games pretty seriously. If you're into games then you won't be disappointed with the sharp graphics and smooth running processor. Next, you need to know that iPhone 4S runs on GSM and CDMA networks, so if you get an unlocked version or if you travel, it will run in more places. The last two things you need to know have to do with the iPhone 4S software. iOS 5 also runs on iPod Touch and iPad, so these two items would apply to them as well. The social network Twitter has been integrated into things like Safari and the Camera app so you can tweet things without having to open that app. Last you need to know that your new iPhone is a target! Be careful with it because some people when they see an iPhone will think instant lunch ticket and possibly try to take it from you. They are shiny and instantly recognizable to would be thieves. Be careful, and enjoy!