Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is coming soon to U.S. Samsung Galaxy S2 owners, but will that be enough for it hold off the Apple iPhone 5? The Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, but a software update to Android 4.0 won't be enough to slow down Apple. Apple is busy deciding what to do with their $100 billion of cash on hand, so it is not likely to be concerned with what the Galaxy S2 is up to.

It's a great phone, and the update will add things like a new lock screen and new multitasking menu, but it won't look anything like the Android 4.0 many might be waiting for. Instead, Samsung has opted for a software look that is more similiar to its own TouchWiz system. Motorula, Sony, HTC and Samsung all add their own software on top of the Android system on their phones. While the phones are all different, those companies don't want the software to be the same on them, so they add their own, often relying on looks more than functionality.

They all have their fans and detractors, but Samsung's TouchWiz largely rules on the Samsung Galaxy S2. In fact, almost none of the ICS visual stylings show up on the device, as that might be a jarring change for the 20 million people who've bought one over the last year. Begin the slideshow to see how Samsung matches up to some rumored features on the next iPhone.

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