iPhone 5 fever is picking up as we inch closer to the Mobile World Congress in Spain in February where many new smartphones are set to debut, including the Samsung Galaxy S3. That's because nothing in the consumer tech world generates as much buzz as new Apple iPads or iPhones. It's also because the iPhone 5 should be to the iPhone 4S what the iPhone 4 was to the iPhone 3GS. A redesigned body with a stylish new look and new features many had hoped for with the iPhone 4S.

Samsung may not have quite as much pressure on them to outdo the Galaxy S2, but if the Galaxy S3 raises the bar enough, we will truly have a new heavyweight smartphone battle for 2012. The Galaxy S3 could debut with a quad-core system, 4G LTE, 12 megapixel camera and two gigabytes of memory. Combined with a massive 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus disply, it would be a revolutionary device if the battery were decent. It would be hard for Apple to top that list of features, but that's why comparing the two devices is so important. Apple has set the bar so high that even when another company comes close to matching the iPhone, people still fall over themselves to grab an iPhone. That could all come down to marketing, but that is part of the equation too because Samsung has taken to skewering Apple with its commercials for the Galaxy S2.

In other words, Samsung is proving to be a powerhouse in the mobile field, so iPhone 5 should be a stunner to stem the tide. If it were to come out with a new tear-drop shape, improved Siri voice recognition, 4G and even a 4-inch screen, it would be enough to stay on top. Faster processors and an improved camera would not surprise on the iPhone 5, but the new features or radical redesign is what really counts with these types of flagship devices. Tell us in the comments if you think iPhone will beat Galaxy S3.

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