Consumers truly anticipating the iPhone 5 release date, as recent research shows that 41 percent of mobile users in North American have plans to buy one of the Apple smartphones.

This could potentially make the iPhone 5 the most successful launch from the consumer electronics giant to date, the researchers from Mobile ad network InMobi said.

InMobi's research found that 50 percent of those who said they plan to buy the iPhone 5 will make the purchase within the first six months after it's launch, propelling Apple ahead of its June 2011 market position. This could result in an increase in Apple's mobile platform market share from 27 percent in June to 41 percent, according to researchers.

But there could be one problem: if Apple should unveil a product update similar to the 3GS version of the iPhone released in 2009, that will lower the interest in the smartphone, researchers said. Fewer than 15 percent of consumers are likely to buy s device of that sort, according to InMobi.

InMobi's research revealed that consumers are hoping that the iPhone maker upgrades the smartphone's battery life; increased processing speed; higher-quality screen resolution; and offers stronger phone service in the new device.

Fifty-one percent of current iPhone owners, 27 percent of BlackBerry owners and 52 percent of Android owners are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 5, researchers said.

Should Apple unveil the iPhone 4S, 11 percent of iPhone and BlackBerry users and 28 percent of Android users plan to buy that device.

The combination of Apple's increasing market share in mobile advertising and general consumer interest in their latest technology is another boon for the mobile advertising industry, said James Lamberti, VP Global Research & Marketing at InMobi, in a press release. Apple is currently the clear leader in terms of compelling user experience and customer loyalty, and we feel that their quality and pace of innovation when it comes to mobile devices will continue to improve the content and advertising experience for consumers for iPhone 5 and beyond.