Rumors of iPhone 5 have turned white hot and everybody's holding back their breath for Tuesday's Let's talk iPhone event at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., where the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5, is supposed to reveal itself.

Although there is no indication of a 5 in Apple's invitation sent out to the media, rumors are flying thick and fast that Apple will unveil an iPhone 5, even as some Apple watchers are waiting for both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

Android smartphones have been outselling Apple's iPhone all summer, and the much-anticipated iPhone is expected to reverse the trend.

Apple is, as usual, not telling what it's going to present. But if Apple wants the iPhone to regain the lead over Android smartphones, it must include certain features that will make iPhone a runaway success.

Here's top 10 features people want to see in Apple's latest toy. Start the slideshow to begin.