• iPhone 9 may bomb out if releases this April
  • Apple may suffer losses with bad timing of iPhone SE 2 release
  • Apple may delay iPhone 9 release

Apple is fully aware that the world is on thin ice these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most are holed in their homes, finding ways to survive with limited mobility. Among their immediate concerns are food and other necessities, priorities in this time of crisis. Given that most are a bit cash-strapped, would it be wise to unveil new iPhones this April?

The Cupertino company knows that sales will take a hit and the timing of the release of their products needs to be done with proper logistics. At this point where most are holed up at home and relying on deliveries to get the necessities, buying a new device during these times is probably the last thing any consumer would think of. It would also be best to note that this covers not just one country but the whole world.

In a previous post, it was mentioned how Apple is keeping tabs with the coronavirus situation and are planning on when to launch the iPhone 12. That covers their plans for the fall, hinting that the Cupertino company may end up delaying its release for several months. That would depend on the governing situation. if the COVID-19 pandemic has not improved by that time, it may take a while to see the iPhone 12.

For now, there is a phone that Apple originally planned to release. It is the budget-friendly version that most are referring to as the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. Whatever it is called, they may want to think twice and save its debut for another time. Sales are unlikely to be comforting if Apple does release it this April, something that could bomb out and end up creating losses for the Cupertino company.

According to Jon Prosser, Apple is indeed planning an iPhone April release. This will be done on Apr. 15 with shipments starting on Apr. 22. He, however, added that with the pandemic, this is subject to change.

For the benefit of those who may have not heard. the iPhone 9 will reportedly sport a 4.7-inch display that will still have the home button / Touch ID fingerprint scanner. It will have a single camera at the back. A power button will be at the right side, volume buttons on the left side, and a lock switch above the volume buttons for muting.

The specs are hardly something that would appeal to folks with top-tier phones, meaning this was meant for the folks who want a cheap iPhone. Given the current conditions, it may not be something most would want to get their hands on.


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