iPhone 6S
There's a plethora of potential gifts to please iPhone fans. Reuters/Issei Kato

The holiday season is about to kick into high gear, so it is time to begin thinking about the iPhone users in your life. This can be a tricky proposition: iPhone owners can be opinionated and purchase a lot of their own technology.

Still, there are plenty of accessories and other products that complement the iPhone, ranging from cases to wearable tech. Here’s a look at seven gift ideas for the iPhone owner who has just about everything.

Nodus Access Case, $54-$76

Nodus Access Case
The Nodus Access Case comes with a built-in pocket that can hold a credit card, ID card or small document. International Business Times/Luke Villapaz

To give a classic look to the iPhone, consider the Nodus Access Case. The folio-style leather case employs microsuction pads to attach to the smartphone without any special adhesives. And it also comes with a small pocket to store various receipts or an identification card. An updated version of the case also works with Nodus’ $30 magnetic accessory dock, which lets iPhone owners mount their devices almost anywhere.

AudioFly AF56M In-Ear Headphones With Microphone, $110

Audiofly AF56M
The Audiofly in-ear headset packs plenty of sound in a small package. Audiofly

Let’s face it, the Apple EarPods that come with an iPhone are pretty bad. If sound quality is essential to the person for whom you’re shopping, consider this pair of Audiofly earbuds. The drivers are powerful enough to produce both clear and strong sound from the low end to the high end without distortion. The headset comes with various sizes of silicone tips to fit almost any ear, and it can be packed away easily in the included storage tin.

Plantronics BackBeat Sense Headphones, $180

Backbeat Sense
The Plantronics BackBeat Sense Headphones can be used for as long as 18 hours without a recharge. Plantronics

At just under $200, this Bluetooth headset packs plenty of sound in a lightweight on-ear design. When one needs to take a call, the microphone enables a user to do it without having to whip out his or her phone, and the built-in controls on the headset let a user jump through the library at the press of a button. A sensor can detect when a user puts it on or takes it off, thus automating the starts and stops of the music. Plantronics has claimed a battery life of as long as 18 hours per charge.

Sphero BB-8 Droid, $150

This may be the droid the iPhone user on your shopping list has been awaiting. In conjunction with the film, “Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens,” being released next month, Sphero has developed a new toy based on the BB-8 droid seen in the movie. Users can control it through companion applications on either the Android or the iOS mobile operating systems. Each of them also can let the droid automatically explore a house on its own.

X-Doria Defense Lux For iPhone 6 And 6S Case, $60

X-Doria Defense Lux Clase
X-Doria has boasted that this case can protect an iPhone in a 2-meter (2.2-yard) drop. X-Doria

If you’re shopping for the iPhone-chucking klutz in your life, a good case could fit the bill. At $60, this X-Doria case provides lots of protection without breaking the bank. Outside, it features an aluminum frame, which can be easily removed. Inside, it is molded with rubber, which can help absorb the shock of a fall.

Nomad Wallet, $100

Nomad Wallet
A built-in battery in the Nomad Wallet means you're almost always close to a power source for your iPhone. International Business Times/Luke Villapaz

Sometimes when a user needs to charge an iPhone the most, there’s neither a cable nor an electrical outlet in sight. Nomad has aimed to fill this gap with a wallet that also doubles as an iPhone charger. Outside, it looks like many other leather wallets. But inside, it features a Lightning cable and a 2,400-milliampere-hour battery -- enough for a full charge. While it may not be for the iPhone lover who comes prepared with a charger everywhere he or she goes, it’s a good backup option in a pinch.

Apple Watch Sport, $349-$399

Apple Watch Sport
Models of the Apple Watch Sport are displayed at an Apple Store in New York. Colors encompass gold, rose gold, silver and space gray. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t have a smartwatch already, the Apple Watch could potentially be a perfect choice. Apple’s smartwatch comes with a number of features, including fitness tracking, third-party app support and transportation directions, as well as the Apple Pay mobile payment service. The whole package integrates nicely with the iPhone to bring emails, text messages and other notifications straight to a user’s wrist.