• Apple is reportedly planning to cut the price of the 2020 iPhone SE
  • The iPhone SE might retail between $50 and $100 cheaper than its current price, according to a tipster
  • The 2020 iPhone SE was released at a retail price of $399

Apple is reportedly preparing to release a much cheaper iPhone SE next year, according to a tipster. The upcoming entry-level iPhone would allegedly sell at a much lower price than its selling price today. It seems that Apple is interested in getting a share of the market dominated by Android but wants to get a more significant portion of it by introducing a far cheaper iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE Price In 2021

The latest information about the new iPhone SE comes from Twitter user Komiya. According to him, the iPhone SE would see a price drop ranging between $50 and $100 next year. It can be recalled that Apple released the 2020 iPhone SE at $399. 

The $50 price slash is already a decent savings considering the functionality and power of the 2020 iPhone SE. However, Wccftech speculates that this rumored might be indicative of something. According to the site, Apple might be preparing for another low-cost iPhone by 2021, which could be the iPhone SE 2.

The site adds that Apple would usually cut previous-generation iPhone model's price whenever it plans to announce a new model. At times, the company does it when it wants to discontinue a particular model, the site adds. While the industry insider did not say that the Cupertino tech giant has plans to discontinue the current generation iPhone SE, the site believes that the tweet could be implying that Apple has plans to introduce another low-cost iPhone in 2021.

iPhone SE Stealing Android’s Market

A recent report from Forbes, meanwhile, revealed that a study conducted by Analysts Counterpoint Research discovered that iPhone SE sales have surpassed expectations. Interestingly, the low-cost iPhone has also attracted the interest of Android users. The research noted that 26 percent of current iPhone SE users used to Android devices. The study also pointed out that this is much higher than the standard Android to iOS switching.

Apple has not yet confirmed about this rumored price slash on the price of the 2020 iPhone SE. In this case, take this latest information with a good measure of salt.