• The iPhone SE is the most affordable iPhone model to date
  • Users can maximize its use by installing apps on the device
  • Here's a list of some of the best apps for the iPhone SE

iPhone SE users who are looking for the best apps for their smartphone should know that there are a lot of good apps out there, but only a few of them will allow users to maximize the use of their Apple device.

Here's a quick look at some of the best apps to download and install on a 2020 iPhone SE. These will help users enjoy their handset more and make the best use of it every time.


This is a highly-recommended password manager app that will help users remember their precious login details. It works with iOS 13 (which offers support for password autofill using third-party apps), and will help users log into any app or account easily.


Spotify should be on every person's list of must-have apps, and that's because it offers a huge library of music for free. It also has a feature that will help users discover their next favorite song easily, using crowd-sourced data, curators and algorithms. This will be the music-loving iPhone SE user's favorite app.

Google Maps

While the iPhone SE comes with Apple Maps, users can still download and install Google Maps in it. Google's mapping service offers more data in more places around the world. This is the perfect navigation app for those who frequently travel outside the U.S.

Pcalc Lite

Those looking for a good calculator app for their iPhone SE should check Pcalc Lite out. This app supports Siri Shortcuts, which can be configured to convert any amount already placed in the device's clipboard.

Tick Tick

This is a to-do manager that's free yet comes packed with features that the goal-oriented iPhone SE needs. These features include natural language processing, notes, due dates, reminders, smart lists, multiple projects and more. Users can also use Siri to add tasks to the app.


Pocket is an app that can download long-form articles to the iPhone so that users can read it anytime. The app removes all unnecessary formatting so that users will be able to read articles easier. It will keep images for users to see.

Apple Arcade

Lastly, this is the iPhone SE gamer's app of choice. Apple Arcade allows users to enjoy a growing library of games for a subscription fee of $4.99 per month. There are only 50 games at the moment, but the number will increase as developers create more games for the platform. Titles include racing games, role-playing games, puzzle games and more. This is accessible via the Arcade tab of the App Store.

Apple's new iPhone SE will start at $399, or less than half the cost of its recent high-end handsets
Apple's new iPhone SE will start at $399, or less than half the cost of its recent high-end handsets Apple Inc. / Handout