• Many people around the world love to sing but don't know the lyrics to all songs
  • iPhone users can activate a feature that displays timed lyrics on the screen
  • The feature works with Apple Music and other music streaming services

People around the world love to sing. Not everyone, however, knows the lyrics to every song that's being played on the radio or on any music streaming service. But that won't be the case any longer, as iPhone users can now enjoy having lyrics displayed on the screen everytime they listen to their favorite music.

Many popular music streaming services today, including Apple's own Apple Music and the widely-used Spotify music app, allow users to view the lyrics to the songs being played. The best thing about is is that the feature is free, and lyrics are displayed in time with the music. Singing along will never be difficult again.

The feature has to be activated, however, iPhoneHacks noted. Here's how users can enjoy viewing timed lyrics on their iPhones.

Apple Music

Those who use Apple Music need not download any third-party app or service to see lyrics. Here's how to activate timed lyrics:

  • First, users will need to launch the Apple Music app from the Home Screen
  • Next, users should tap on the Now Playing mini player at the bottom of the screen
  • After that, users should tap the Lyrics button at the bottom of the screen. The button looks like a dialog balloon. The button won't be available if lyrics are not available

The song's lyrics should appear on the screen after this. They will appear verse by verse in time with the music, allowing users to follow along as their favorite artists sing.

Spotify and Radio

Those who listen to music via the Radio app, as well as the Spotify app, can view lyrics too. This is done with some help from a third-party app called Musixmatch. Here's how it works:

  • First, users need to download, and install, the Musixmatch Lyrics Finder app from the App Store.
  • Next, once installed, users will need to launch the radio or the Spotify app and play some music.
  • Then, on the Musixmatch app, users will need tap on the button in the identify tab to identify the song being played. The button is located at the center of the screen and looks like the app logo.

After this, users should wait for some time to let the app identify the song. Once the song is identified, its lyrics will be displayed on the screen in the same way Apple Music does.

Apple Music 1 A logo for Apple Music is pictured. Photo: Getty Images/Lionel Bonaventure