iPhone X Samsung Galaxy X
iPhone X is expected to be the most premium iPhone till date. Pictured: The iPhone 7 smartphone is displayed inside an Apple Inc. store in Los Angeles, Sept. 16, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

The year 2017 is expected to see premium smartphones, with both Apple and Samsung said to launch their ultra-premium phones with high-end features. While Apple is expected to come out with its first phone without the home button, rumored to be called the iPhone X, Samsung is said to finally come out with a foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy X/Galaxy X1, which might be launched by the end of the year.

Both phones just don’t have an X in common. They are both expected to come with a high-end price — the iPhone X might be priced upward of $1,000, while the Samsung Galaxy X might be priced close to $899. Both phones are also rumored to come with a 10nm processor, which is expected to endow the device with better performance and battery life.

Both phones, when released, are expected to compete with each other for the consumer's attention. Furthermore, both companies are expected to ditch the home button.

The outstanding feature of both devices is their displays — the iPhone X could have an edge-to-edge OLED display, while Samsung X series devices might have flexible devices.

Apple’s display is expected to cover the entire front of the device. Previous iPhones came with thin bezels on the side, a thick one on the top having the front-facing speaker and front camera, and a thicker one on the bottom having the proprietary Apple home button with a built-in TouchID fingerprint sensor.

Samsung’s display is a mystery right now and it is being speculated whether the Galaxy X series display would be folding inwardly or outwardly. But a picture of the device can be formed if we collate the rumors — whichever way it folds, the device is expected to have a workable touchscreen edge and two displays which, when stretched out, could form a composite 7-8 inch display.

While the iPhone X is expected to come with iOS 11, the Samsung Galaxy X series devices might come with Android Nougat on launch and get an Android O update later. Similarly, the iPhone X is expected to come with wireless charging, but with the kind of form factor the Samsung Galaxy X is expected to have, it cannot be said for certain that the device would have that feature.