Many have been wondering about what the iPhone XI will look like. And recently, some iPhone fans brought the speculations into life with concept designs that look similar to the iPad Pro. Here’s what we know about this iPhone XI design.

As seen on the ConceptsIphone video, the new iPhone XI has a circled rectangle design with a front cam and the rumored three-lens camera on its back. Additionally, the iPhone XI design also sports the USB-C port, which breaks the long-standing Apple design style tradition of having the Lightning port on every iOS device. Throughout the iPhone’s lifespan, finding spare chargers have been a problem as the Lightning port has never been compatible with other USB cords out there.

Previously, iPhone XI speculations said that the next iPhone would have a triple-lens camera feature for better pictures. Aside from just having spare lenses, the triple-lens camera would provide depth for pictures and allows 3D pictures to be shot. Due to this feature, iPhone users who love to take pictures would appreciate this as every group shot, selfie, or travel posts would be better with this feature around.

Meanwhile, iPhonehacks notes that the next iPhone XI would like to use more of the iPad Pro’s designs in its actual release. The iPad Pro incorporates many designs from older iPhone models like iPhone 5. While the new Apple product could be much bulkier and larger, it’s possible that design choice is a good tradeoff as more space for more specs can be made for the Apple device.

As of now, Apple has yet to announce any information about the upcoming iPhone XI. In the recent CES 2019, Apple announced their moves of focusing more on providing services and the company has also put up a clearance sale on their iPhone SE stock. Potentially, Apple may have plans to reintroduce some of older products through new iterations like the new iPhone SE. For now, fans will have to wait for any new announcement, project or release from the smartphone giant about the iPhone XI.

iPad Pro
Apple might be preparing something for the iPad that could attract gamers. Getty Images/Stephen Lam