An ambitious Kickstarter project, brain child of Josh Guyot and JoeBen Bevirt,  Galiloe made headlines in April after exceeding its funding goal by more than half a million dollars and getting encouragement by investors and funders. Galileo is an iOS powered Robotic Doc compatible with iPhone and iTouch which enables motion controlling the phone device while Face Timing.


An idea which was conceived through a father's need of video chatting with his child and controlling the camera motion while the child is running around, Galileo provides an excellent potential for video chats, video conference, photography, videography, social networking and the use of mobile video in general. The possibility for app development with this hardware is already appearing to be vast. The motion of the camera on the other side can be controlled by the viewer and the device pans and turns depending on the way the viewer controls it from his iPad. This dock is essentially made to be compatible with iPhone and iTouch. Not only does this doc pan and zoom the phone while video conferencing and photography but also provides features like charging the phone battery.

Other features of this device will include a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, an outfit for a tripod screw, a Software Developers Kit (SDK) and infinite 360 degree panning, tilting and rotation as reported on kickstarter.

In an interview to Mashable the creator Josh Guyot said that the design of this product is simple and is made to give maximum functionality to the product. He said that he was very excited about the suggestions, ideas and uses that the people will come up with for Galileo. He said that currently, they have anticipated the use of Galileo, "in many different areas, including time-lapse photography, cinematography, baby and home monitoring, video chat, object and face tracking, event photography and cinematography, and panoramic and spherical image capture."

While this app is still in works and its software development kit is due soon, according to a report in Mashable, this robotic motion platform is "one to watch."