J. Cole might be looking to make a transition from a musical artist to a professional athlete. The rapper is training in an attempt to make an NBA roster--at least, that’s what Master P says.

Cole and Master P recently worked together on a commercial for Cole’s first signature shoe with Puma. The ad indicated that the 35-year-old was trying to get signed by an NBA team.

“When I talked to J. Cole, he was like, ‘You know, big dog you did it. What do you think I would have to do to make it happen?’” Master P told TMZ.

Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, has already accomplished the feat of playing in an NBA game after a successful musical career. He actually suited up for the Toronto Raptors in the 1999 preseason, though he failed to earn a spot on the regular-season roster.

“I said to get one of these NBA jerseys, it’s not gonna be easy. It's gonna be a lot of hate, it’s gonna be a lot of people not believing in you but you know J. Cole -- he got the right size, he in the gym!” Master P said.

“But, what I told him ... this a different time we’re in. They’re going to pick you apart! You’re gonna have to be able to hit every shot and if you don’t hit every shot, they -- you know in the NBA, they don’t hit every shot but they believe in them. So, you’re gonna have to go somewhere where the team really believe in you and the players believe in you.”

Cole was a good high school basketball player and tried out for the St. John’s men’s basketball team in college before focusing on his music career. He’s played in celebrity basketball games since becoming a popular artist.

Several NBA players have also tried to launch rap careers as well, with Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard having released three albums since 2016.

J. Cole Pictured: J. Cole on Jan. 30, 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo: Getty Images