Entrepreneurship continues to outpour evolving trends with innovation. Many entrepreneurs in the past and present have produced products and services, which have disrupted markets and changed our lives for the better. This has genuinely been the essence of entrepreneurship to make a remarkable difference in the lives of people. Suppose we reflect upon the recent examples of some of the most outstanding entrepreneurs with the highest-grossing companies. In that case, these brilliant-minded individuals hustle for the objective of creating a larger difference in the world.

James Awad James Awad Photo: James Awad

Such are the attributes of entrepreneurs like James William Awad, a computer programming expert who set on his journey ever since he was a teenager. Unlike most young professionals who rely on supportive systems to fund and scale their young entrepreneurship pursuits, Awad delved into his interests and built his ground independently. 

Early career and inspirations

He was only 14 years old when he ventured into the freelance work industry, embarking on the gig economy's upbeat potential. Having gained credible experience writing codes and meddling in programming languages, 

James William Awad, a young entrepreneur who embarked on this journey in his early teens. Awad became one of the most valued entrepreneurs at the age of 14, making top dollar in an up-and-coming business sector. He started as a freelance programmer and sighted its potential in the dynamic market of computer programming. 

Before being a full-time programmer, Awad attempted to create a video game. He was only 12 when he created a successful game and understood that the market dynamics indicated profitable opportunities in the same direction. Awad is developing a foresight of what he can create should he remain consistent and lay all his efforts down in the playfield.

Innovation at its best

For entrepreneurs, the factor of innovation is challenging to capture in their ideas. Many professionals more or less churn out or spin-independent ideas from those which already exist tried and tested, with a haven of secondary research sources to access.

However, Awad benefitted from his rich experience in the programming field and had a rough idea of where the future lay. He went onto developing a highly innovative business model that seems to decentralize companies run by individuals. 

The concept follows that of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, where decentralization removes the “middle man,” making the business more open and transparent. He founded a company on the same concept, “TripleOne,” which currently has thirteen registered and functional businesses under its umbrella.

Awad is highly motivated to increase the number of firms on the radar of TripleOne, and given his run of success, we do not fall short of expectations of him.

A decentralized corporate system involves management in the front line and local managers with considerable decision-making authority, versus all-important decision-making. In comparison to more centralized practices, decentralized business structures have advantages and disadvantages.

Decentralized businesses also have executive, supervisory control. However, in making decisions that meet your local market's intent, customers, and others, the frontline or local administrators are far freer.

A decentralized system has a significant advantage: local leaders can respond to the local economy's changes more quickly. Assume consumers are willing to reach the centralized leaders and wait until they can cause delays that can alienate significant clients. Decentralization can boost corporate ethics as managers and executives at all levels believe they play an essential role in the success or failure of the business.