Jay Leno received a standing ovation Sunday from a sold-out crowd at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California. The appearance comes just two weeks after the comedian was hospitalized with second and third-degree burns.

Leno appeared in good spirits when he was greeted by photographers and entertainment media after he parked his car outside the club.

"We got two shows tonight: regular and extra crispy," he joked to the media. "I never thought of myself as a roast comic."

Leno, 72, had suffered injuries to the left side and his hands on Nov. 12.

Following the accident, Leno had told Variety that he needed "a week or two to get back on my feet." He was released from the hospital on Nov. 21.

Leno's physician said that the former "The Tonight Show" host underwent two surgeries to treat his injuries.

Comedians Arsenio Hall and Jimmy Brogan opened for Leno, who reportedly joked about the burn incident during his set.

"No comic would leave the Grossman Burn Center, and do stand-up Sunday in Hermosa! I lost my big toe nail after someone stepped on my foot at the Super Bowl last year. I canceled three standup dates after that," Hall joked to Entertainment Tonight.

A "Welcome Back Jay" sign greeted Leno. The sign was signed by staff at the venue, where Leno has frequently performed since 1992.

Leno was joined Sunday by his wife, Mavis Leno.

Cameras recently caught Leno pumping gas into a classic car at a Southern California gas station. Video showed him with burns to his hands and near his ear.

A car aficionado and an avid collector, Leno reportedly has a collection of over 180 exotic cars.