Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a new title to his name. As of Thursday morning, Bezos the owner of the Washington Post and Blue Origin, surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world when the price of Amazon passed $1,063 per share. So how much does it take to earn the title of richest person in the world? Forbes is reporting that Bezos is now worth $90.3 billion, just a few million more than Bill Gates who’s worth $90 billion.

Bezos worked at a hedge fund in New York until 1994 when he decided to sell books online from his website The site has since evolved and sells pretty much anything, from food and furniture to clothes and household items. The site also now includes subscription services like Prime Shipping, Amazon Video and Music and other similar services.

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Bezos will stay ahead of Gates as long as the shares maintain a price over that $1,063 mark. Amazon has seen an increase in share price, and Bezos owns roughly 80 million shares of the company, reported CNBC.

Days before Bezos was even granted his new title, the internet had already found joy in the “Swole Jeff Bezos” meme. The memes consist of a photo of Bezos in which he looks muscular dressed in a vest and aviator glasses. The meme's been appearing on Twitter feeds for days now. 

This particular meme showed up on a lot of accounts.

Other people took the liberty of photoshopping Bezos into various settings. Like a Whole Foods parking lot, the grocery store chain that he recently purchased.

Terminator jokes were also popular

More jokes sprang up Thursday following the news that he was the richest man in the world.

He was also compared to Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.

Some Twitter users offered simple congratulations to Bezos.

And some people just couldn’t resist asking for some of his wealth.

Others drew inspiration from his story though, noting that he started by selling books out of his garage.

All jokes aside, Bezos and other onlookers will be watching the market closely to see if he will remain in the number one spot. If the price of Amazon changes, he could still drop back behind Gates.