Jenelle Evans is one of the most controversial “Teen Moms” in MTV’s history, and she’s been bringing the drama on the most recent season of the show. Though the reality show is a few months behind, most “TM2” fans know Evans, 21, is expecting. After finding out she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith were having a boy, they decided to name him “Kaiser.”

Unusual, right? Well, that’s what the couple was going for. While Evans told Us Weekly in an interview she would have been happy either way, her lover was reportedly overjoyed to find out he would be having a son this summer.

"I was happy either way no matter what we were gonna have, but Nathan was especially excited because he’s a boy, so he was like jumping for joy," Evans told Us Weekly Tuesday. "He's really, really excited to spoil him."

Griffith isn’t the only one excited about adding another boy to the family. The North Carolina native told the news site her son Jace, 4, is looking forward to being a big brother and helping the baby out.

"[Jace has] been talking about how he can teach him little boy things now," Evans said. "He said he can teach him how to play football, he said, 'I can teach him how to put on his clothes,' because we were talking about how he’s gonna get Jace’s old clothes when he grows out of them. So he’s really excited to help out."

Evans doesn’t have custody of her elder son. Instead, she signed over her rights to her mother Barbara. Evans has had a rough three years being in and out of abusive relationships, 10 arrests and a heroin addiction. Now, the reality star says she is clean and looking forward to being a mother, but her morning sickness has left her tired.

"Recently I’ve been tired," she said. "I have to power through the days, because I go to school now on Tuesdays and Thursdays for medical clinical assisting."

Evans explained she and Griffith didn’t want their baby boy to have a name like anyone else and they certainly picked an eccentric one. "We were basically searching for baby names on the Internet, and we came up with a bunch of different unique ones," she revealed. "We didn’t want something that everyone else had or had even heard before, even us. So we wanted something different, and we ended up looking up Kaiser."

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