• Jennifer Garner shared a hilarious video on Instagram

  • She filmed herself doing laundry and dancing to some music

  • The actress was spotted taking a stroll and buying takeout food recently

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped most the world from working, but there hasn’t been a pause in Jennifer Garner doing house chores. The actress had a lot of work to get done at home recently, and she turned the work into a hilarious video to entertain her fans on Instagram.

A new video that Garner shared on Instagram shows her Marie Kondoing her way through the house while doing the laundry and taking breaks to sip some red wine. The actress started by sorting out all the clothes by smelling some of them and segregating the ones that needed to be washed. In the middle of all the work, she started playing the song “Think about Things” by Daði Freyr and she started dancing to the music.

Garner danced to the beat and posed for the camera at different locations while doing the laundry. She tried on different clothes and even changed her facemask. Her cat didn’t stay in her arms for long, but the actress got into the groove after sipping some red wine.

“I don’t know why I thought you needed this,” Garner wrote about the hilarious video, which has over 1.6 million views as of this writing. She also tagged the official Instagram page of Freyr in her post.

Garner has been practicing social distancing at her home, but she has been spotted heading out a few times recently. She was recently seen taking a stroll outside with her family cat and her daughter Seraphina, Daily Mail reported.

The mother-daughter duo wore matching grey tops when they went out, and they also had protective facemasks on. Garner finished the look with a pair of black leggings and she wore a pair of dark sunglasses on her head. The family cat got to ride in the stroller.

In another recent outing, Garner wore black active wear, a facemask, sunglasses, and a red baseball cap. Pictures of the actress that have been posted on Daily Mail show that she was out to get some takeout food from In-N-Out Burger fast food restaurant in Brentwood. She was seen carrying a box full of burgers for her children.

Scholastic launched the #SAVEWITHSTORIES initiative with Jennifer Garner to support nonprofit organizations.
Scholastic launched the #SAVEWITHSTORIES initiative with Jennifer Garner to support nonprofit organizations. Getty Images/Steven Ferdman