The doctor is in the house! And according to reports, she will be for a long time.

TVLine revealed the exciting news that Jessica Capshaw, who portrays Arizona Robbins on the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” has extended her contract, which ended in May, for another three years. That means fans can anticipate the blond haired doctor to continue saving lives at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital until 2018 -- that is, if the show remains on the air until 2018. Thus far, "Grey's Anatomy" has only been renewed for Season 12.

But that’s not all fans are hoping comes out of Capshaw’s contractual extension. It looks like audiences are crossings their fingers that Arizona’s continuation on the series could lead to a possible Calzona rekindling. (Time heals all wounds, right?) In Season 11 of the Shonda Rhimes-created drama, Arizona and Callie (Sara Ramirez) surprisingly ended their tumultuous relationship.

The divorce came after the duo’s marriage counselor suggested that the struggling couple partake in a 30-day challenge, one that would require them to spend time apart so that they could find themselves and see if that would help their partnership thrive. While Callie wasn’t enthused by the idea, Arizona tackled the assignment head first. However, the 30-day trial backfired in Arizona’s face when she revealed to her partner that the separation allowed her to see how much she wanted Callie in her life. But unfortunately for Arizona, the feeling wasn’t mutual.

“The last 30 days have taught me so much,” Callie said. “But from the minute I sat down I felt I was going to be suffocated. The last several weeks I have laughed more, enjoyed more and I finally feel free. And by being free, I can see that constantly trying to fix this is the thing that’s been killing me slowly. And I don’t want to do it anymore and I don’t want to fix us anymore..."

So, will Calzona ever repair their patchy relationship? During an interview with Entertainment Weekly in March, Capshaw admitted that she hoped her and Ramirez’s characters would take some time for themselves before jumping back into a romance together.

“Only because they had to go through so much to make that decision to be apart, it’s so hard to think about them being together. They’re just getting to the point where that’s all good. I would feel bad if they then took steps backwards and ended up in a relationship that was super challenging,” she said, adding that she understands why fans will always root for Calzona. “Everyone longs for the beginning, I get that, you want them to go back to the beginning, but you can’t do that with anything in life.”

Do you want Arizona and Callie will rekindle their relationship in the upcoming season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” which is set to premiere on Thursday, September 24, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.