• Jessica Mulroney is reportedly considering writing a tell-all book after her falling-out with Meghan Markle
  • The stylist is allegedly "devastated" and is constantly trying to reach out to the former actress
  • Mulroney faced backlash after she allegedly used her "white privilege" to threaten and silence influencer Sasha Exeter 

Meghan Markle’s friend, Jessica Mulroney, may be considering writing a tell-all book about the Duchess of Sussex, a new report said.

After rumors swirled that Markle is ending her friendship with the disgraced Canadian designer, Mulroney is reportedly pondering on penning a book about the time Markle lived in Canada to film the hit legal drama “Suits,” Page Six reported. This news comes weeks after the stylist to the stars was called out by Black influencer Sasha Exeter for allegedly threatening her livelihood⁠ — which apparently ended in the duchess cutting ties with Mulroney.

Sources recently told the Daily Mail that Mulroney was left “devastated” after her friendship with Markle ended following the former's “white privilege” controversy. The stylist is also reportedly attempting to contact her royal pal, who is residing in Los Angeles with husband Prince Harry and son Archie, but to no avail.

Insiders revealed that Mulroney has been calling the former actress continously and has even been reaching out to their mutual links “to try and patch up their friendship.”

“She's devastated Meghan has turned her back on her at a time when she needs her most. But their friends have told her not to expect to hear back from Meghan because when she cuts someone off, she's done for good – just like with her family,” a source said.

The report further said that Markle and Mulroney have not spoken to each other since the latter’s scandal broke out in June. The 48-year-old is also allegedly “at her wits’ end” and is contemplating writing a tell-all since “she has nothing to lose.”

The fallout was reportedly the result of Mulroney’s actions toward Exeter, who initially called on other social media superstars with a large following to speak out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Even though the call-to-action didn’t mention any names, Mulroney apparently took offense and sent scathing messages to Exeter.

Exeter publicized the drama, claiming that Mulroney tried to silence her and threatened to ruin her career. She added that the Canadian prominent figure was guilty of using her wealth and white privilege to intimidate her.

“I have also spoken to companies and people about the way you’ve treated me unfairly. You think your voice matters. Well, it only matters if you express it without shaming people who are simply trying to learn. Good luck,” Exeter quoted Mulroney’s private message to her.

In the wake of the social media spat, Mulroney ended up receiving serious backlash and was the reported reason behind her show “I Do, Redo’s” cancellation.

Jessica Mulroney
Jessica Mulroney will be appearing on "Good Morning America" periodically. Pictured: Mulroney arrives at the wedding of Prince Harry to Ms Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson