Jinger Duggar is being criticized by netizens for taking a "disrespectful" selfie at a Holocaust museum with daughter Felicity.

On Thursday, the “Counting On” star shared a selfie of her taken during an educational tour at a Holocaust museum. In the caption, Jinger wrote that it was actually her third time to visit the museum and “it is nonetheless greatly moving each time.”

In her selfie photo, Jinger is wearing a headset while carrying Felicity. She wears a striped T-shirt while Felicity is very cute in her checkered dress.

However, not everyone was pleased with Jinger’s post. Netizens even described her selfie “tasteless” and “disrespectful.”

“I find this photo supremely tasteless. You don’t have to take photos everywhere you go and put them on social media,” one user on wrote Reddit.

“This is actually so [implicit] disrespectful. Who the hell does she think she is?,” another user wrote.

“My relatives (and many many others) were beaten,tortured and killed and she takes a [implicit] selfie. You’re a D list celebrity (at best) stop looking for attention. The museum is there to educate, for people to reflect and take stock of the atrocities not to pose for a selfie.”

Another user said that she went to the Museum of Tolerance for a high school field trip for an English class. She recalled how they picked a card that had a victim of the Holocaust on it and how they listened to a Holocaust survivor’s speech.

She added that they were only 15 or 16 years old and none of them took a selfie at the museum. She stressed that they were just taking in what the museum offered to them.

Jinger is considered the most progressive member of the Duggar family. Unlike most of her siblings, she tend to live the life she wanted that some deemed was different to how her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised them.

In another post on Instagram, Jinger dressed her daughter Felicity with a soccer jersey and considered the possibility that she might follow in her daddy’s footsteps. Netizens were happy that she is being different from the rest of her sisters.

In related news, Jinger’s sister Joy-Anna just had a miscarriage. Meanwhile, her cousin Amy is expecting her first baby soon.

jana duggar and jinger
Jana Duggar's (left) thoughts on courtship revisited. Jana is pictured with her sister Jinger Vuolo in a "Counting On" promo. TLC