A Pennsylvania judge finalized reality TV stars Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce on Friday, and she gets custody of their eight children.

The stars of the show Jon & Kate Plus Eight on cable network TLC filed for divorce in June, after announcing their split in an episode that drew 10.6 million viewers.

Kate's thrilled. It's always an emotional mix when a party gets divorced, and this case is no exception, said Mark Momjian, the attorney for Kate, who was not in court when the divorce was finalized.

I did speak with Kate as soon as the divorce decree was entered, and she's not only pleased, she's also relieved it's finally over, Momjian told Reuters.

An attorney for Jon could not be reached for immediate comment.

Judge Arthur Tilson of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas finalized the divorce on Friday, ending the couple's 10 year-marriage. It was filed as a no-fault divorce.

The Gosselins, whose family home is in Pennsylvania, drew TV viewers who were interested in seeing how they raised their sextuplets and a pair of twins. They once said appearing on television helped them provide financially for their kids.

TLC said on Friday it is continuing plans to air a new show in the spring focusing on Kate Gosselin and her new life.

The network in September announced it would change the name to Kate Plus Eight, which resulted in angry accusations from Jon that TLC was not living up to its commitment to him.

That war of words culminated in a breach of contract lawsuit TLC filed against Jon in October, and that court fight is still ongoing.

In its civil complaint, TLC accused Jon of violating their agreement by talking about the show to the media without the cable network's permission.

Separately, after the divorce papers were filed, Jon Gosselin took $235,000 out of a joint account with Kate before paying back $180,000 of that money, Momjian said.

An arbitrator has since decided that the remaining amount will be deducted from Jon's share of the divorce settlement, Momjian said.

Now Kate's looking forward to restructuring her life, Momjian said.