Josh Wolf
Comedian Josh Wolf is the new host of CMT's first late-night program, "The Josh Wolf Show." CMT

When people think about late night comedy, they probably don’t think about the CMT network. However, comedian and former “Chelsea Lately” panelist Josh Wolf is ready to change everyone's minds about that with “The Josh Wolf Show."

Chelsea Handler executive produces the first foray into late-night programming for the network and Wolf stars as the principal host running a panel discussion, sketches and celebrity interviews every Thursday to Sunday night at 11 p.m. EDT. While late night programming is new for the network, it’s well-tread territory for the 40-year-old comic.

"There are no new formats right? We're not a very groundbreaking format. What makes a show different is if the person running the show is truly themselves,” Wolf said in an interview with International Business Times. "That’s what I'm really trying to do. Chelsea said the same thing, she said: 'do what makes you laugh, because the people who like you will watch that.’"

The host went on to explain that he was inspired by his former boss, Handler, as well as the great David Letterman. Above all else, he said he admired their conscious decision to make television that they loved rather than what they thought others would love. As a result, he says he was inspired to dive in head first with his own personality, sense of humor and sensibilities with “The Josh Wolf Show."

“I’ve always described myself as not that bright but super curious, so each episode will have me learning something new. Every time I read something or see something on the Internet I think, ‘How do they do that?’ And so the third act of my show will see someone trying to teach me something I don’t know” Wolf told IBTimes. “And believe me, the list of things I don’t know is long and plentiful.”

In short, if you happened to be a fan of the groundbreaking “Chelsea Lately” show before it went off the air, Wolf will fill the place in your heart that it left behind. It’ll feature many of the same players in the panel discussion and, overall, will simply be a place for funny people to come and do what makes them laugh.

"CMT is rebranding and changing formats and I think this show will reach a lot more people than they expect,” Wolf said. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

“The Josh Wolf Show” is about to enter its second week of programming, so now is the perfect time to jump in and work this stellar comic into your late-night lineup.