The natural growth process of the online sphere has been tremendously sped up due to the shifts the COVID-19 pandemic. These shifts include the increased need for efficient and effective online transactions, exchanges, and communication, in which the prioritization of physical presence only diminished in the business world. New technologies and processes came about to combat these needs; for instance, it is said that the global payment ecosystem experienced five years of growth in just one. However, the growth of these technologies only led to a greater demand for easy self-identification online, or in more specific terms, a greater demand for digital identities and the information they provide.

Joshua Denne
Joshua Denne Joshua Denne

As we reap the benefits of the ease and efficiency of these technologies, entrepreneur, Joshua Denne is at the forefront of acknowledging the safety concerns behind the growing use of digital identities. He is pointing out how accessible a person can become to Big Tech companies, and the digital sphere in general, if your digital identity is not protected. The larger the company, the larger the data they hold, which in turn, makes them a greater target for hackers and cyber warfare. For instance, experts estimate that the threats and occurrences of cyberattacks over recent years costed the U.S. government over 13.7 billion dollars. Moreover, a 2019 survey indicated that 74% of U.S. Internet users are already concerned with their online privacy.

Therefore, Joshua Denne is using his experience with blockchain technologies, something that was once limited to the protection and security of cryptocurrencies and applying it to the efforts of his latest business venture: SDK Co. SDK Co. is a company with a mission to allow humans “regain control, establish dominion over their data, and securely own their digital assets.” They are doing so by developing devices, operating systems, vault storage, applications, platforms, a peer-to-peer marketplace, contract engines, and a new Web3 ecosystem that are all meant to create that digital division between what is accessible and what is not in regard to your personal data.

Leveraging blockchain technologies, Denne has been focusing on the device aspect of the company, as the development of what they call Meta Zero has become a crucial component to their mission. Currently available, Meta Zero is a type of device that secures the communication of an individual. It aims to quite literally create a wall between your public and private life online. This smartphone-like device offers the user ‘lifestyle mode’ and ‘private mode,’ in which lifestyle mode makes way for interaction through social platforms, whereas private mode secures transactions that remain personal to you. With the smartphone industry expecting to grow to about 7.5168 billion subscriptions by 2026, Meta Zero can be the solution to the combined demand increases in smartphones and digital security.

With these devices, and Joshua Denne’s mission to prioritize the protection of your digital identity, SDK Co. is crucial to the changing landscape of a newer, more human-centered approach to the Web.

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