The planetary trio formed by Venus, Mars and Jupiter pursuing their normal orbit around the sun will be visible until October 29. Pictured, a man takes pictures with the crescent moon and planets Venus and Mars visible in the sky. Reuters

Jupiter, Venus and Mars can be seen forming a “planetary trio” in the early morning sky from now until Oct. 29. The distance between the three planets will diminish as the week goes on.

The planetary trio will be seen forming a broad triangle in the eastern pre-dawn sky. The beautiful planetary spectacle is being formed by the three planets for the last time until 2021. A “planetary trio” is a term given to a group of planets when they come together in a circle having a 5 centimeter diameter.

The Mashable reported that no special equipment will be required to watch the planetary conjunction. Since Mars looks a little fainter than the rest of the two planets which looks like gleaming stars, sky gazers might want to get up an hour or more earlier before sunrise to watch the cosmic triangle clearly.

Astronomy enthusiasts might also be able to see Jupiter's moons Io, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto with the help of a set of backyard skywatching binoculars. NASA said that the best thing would be to keep the pair of binoculars steady with the help of a tripod or to lead it against something.