"The Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco has paired up with William Shatner for Priceline’s latest ad.

In the first commercial in the campaign for the online travel services company that premiered on YouTube Wednesday, Cuoco plays “The Negotiator,” Shatner’s daughter whom he sends to monks as a child to be schooled in the art of deal-making.

Cuoco and Shatner have already filmed two spots for the campaign; the first will premiere on television Jan. 14, and two more commercials will be filmed during the summer, according to the Associated Press.

Cuoco was selected to join Shatner in the Priceline ads in aim to appeal to a younger audience.

According to the actress, Shatner has made Priceline "cool," and says that she had "way too much fun" filming with him.

Shatner also called Cuoco "quite a talent."

Cuoco notes that she is very familiar with "Star Trek," which Shatner starred in in the 1960’s, and is a frequent topic on her CBS comedy, "The Big Bang Theory."

"The nerdy factor, the Trekkie stuff, it goes with 'Big Bang' and it all worked together," she said in a statement.