• Kanye West said bitcoiners used the "new information highway" to "create the new frontier of our existence"
  • The rapper previously said he first considered using Bitcoin after looking at the $20 bill
  • West confirmed he's still running in the election in an interview on the "Joe Rogan Experience"

Kanye West revealed in a recent interview how impressed he is with bitcoiners, or people who are into Bitcoin.

Speaking with MMA fighter and comedian Joe Rogan on the latter's podcast, West said bitcoiners know how to truly liberate America and humanity. The rapper explained that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, had decentralized the platform because he talked to the “Bitcoin guys.”

“And these are guys that really have a perspective on what the true liberation of America and humanity will be,” West said in Saturday's episode of “TheJoe Rogan Experience.”

“Specifically these guys … a lot of tech guys were able to use the new … information highways and create the next frontier of our existence,” he added.

Earlier this month, Dorsey’s other company, Square, purchased 4,709 BTC worth $50 million, a move that catapulted Square’s price to an all-time high. In a whitepaper, the company detailed how it executed the Bitcoin purchase through an over-the-counter provider.

Dorsey is a known advocate of Bitcoin and even said in a previous interview with The Times U.K. that it could one day become the world’s single currency.

Meanwhile, much of West’s chat with Rogan revolved around his presidential run as well as his insights on the political and financial systems. The rapper, who has sold 140 million records worldwide, announced his bid in July. And he confirmed during the podcast interview that he’s still in the running.

West said that he is listed in the ballot of 12 states. In 17 other states, voters can write him in. The Yeezy founder claimed that he could possibly win this year but added that he was more certain that he would be able to win the 2024 election.

West also revealed his preference for Bitcoin in previous interviews. In 2018, he said it was when he looked at the $20 bill that he first wanted to use Bitcoin. In the same year, he tweeted “decentralize,” which Bitcoin Magazine said was a nod to the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin recently broke past $13,000 for the first time in almost three years, closing at $13,122 on Saturday and $13,040 the next day.

Kanye West says he is running for president, even though his name is not on the ballot in most states
Kanye West says he is running for president, even though his name is not on the ballot in most states AFP / Angela Weiss