Kim Kardashian still has ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush on the brain, according to recent reports. Bush dated Kardashian for around three years before they broke up in 2010. He recently married dancer Lilit Avagyan.

RadarOnline reports that Kardashian, 33, has banned her family for mentioning Bush’s name in front of her husband, Kanye West. According to one source, the 37-year-old rapper is “jealous.”

This would be no surprise. In March, a report surfaced claiming that West nearly called their May wedding off due to jealousy over Chris Brown.  The curvy beauty reportedly infuriated her fiancé after telling him she and Chris Brown had some sparks fly between them prior to her relationship with West. And in April, the rapper bragged about being with Kardashian, and dissed Bush on a rap song titled "I Won." West raps, “You the number one trophy wife/So it’s only right to live the trophy life,” before saying, “I made it over NBA, NFL players/So every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl.”

In order to avoid issues regarding Reggie Bush, Kardashian “went out of her way to avoid reading about Reggie’s wedding to Lilit last weekend. She doesn’t like to discuss Reggie, not even with her sisters,” a source tells RadarOnline. “And Kim did remind her family to not mention Reggie’s name in front of Kanye, because he is very jealous of him.”

Kardashian and Bush split, reportedly due to work commitments.  "Her fame is just a little too much for him to handle," a source told at the time. "She travels the world and has created brands. He just can't keep up. They are unsure of what will happen in the future."

After their split, Bush began dating Avagyan, a virtual Kardashian lookalike, and the pair got engaged last year. Earlier this month, they wed at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego. It is the same resort where LeBron James married Savannah Brinson last year.