Kate Middleton Pregnant
Kate Middleton, pictured with her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attending the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London on Oct. 9, 2018, is not expecting her fourth child. Eddie Mulholland/AFP/Getty Images

While her sister-in-law is basking in the glow of her first pregnancy, reports claiming Kate Middleton is also expecting a child are false.

Gossip Cop has refuted a recent report by Star which claimed the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with her fourth child, and that it was concerning for those in the know because she was also only 96 pounds.

According to the tabloid, Middleton and Prince Wiliam were trying for a fourth child, and were surprised it happened so quickly,

“Six months following the birth of Prince Louis, Duchess Kate is pregnant again with baby number four, much to hubby Prince William’s pleasant surprise,” the magazine’s alleged source said. “The word is Kate and William started trying again pretty quickly after the baby was born, but they didn’t expect this to happen already.”

The noncredible source went on to state that the couple doesn’t want to announce their news because it would overshadow the announcement made in recent weeks that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were expecting their first child, and even contended that the Queen wasn’t aware of the news yet either.

However, Gossip Cop points out that the pair wouldn’t have revealed the news to some random source ahead of the Queen (royal protocol usually states the Queen is first to know about these announcements), and that is wasn’t believable that any source within the palace would share the news with an American tabloid.

In addition, the report contends that the palace insiders are concerned about the pregnancy because the Duchess has become “frighteningly frail” after dieting down to 96 pounds.

“Kate’s frighteningly frail figure has palace pals worried,” the source maintained, adding that there are “concerns for her (and her future baby’s) well-being.”

“The last thing anyone would want is for Kate or her future baby to be undernourished,” the source added. “The hope is that she’ll put on a few pounds.”

However, Gossip Cop again notes that the alleged source is clearly fabricated, because someone in the palace, if they would even speak to the tabloid, would make a quote about the Duchess’ weight and state that she needed to put on a few pounds, because the British metric system uses stone and kilograms as a form of measurement.

The fact-checking site did still reach out to a source at Kensington Palace, which laughed off all of the reports about the Duchess’ alleged pregnancy and concerns about her weight.