Kate arrival
The Duchess of Cambridge smiles for the camera as she arrives at Kensington Palace for the Gala dinner. Reuters

Kate Middleton doesn't want to be seen as a 'clothes horse' so she's not bringing a stylist on her tour of the U.S. and Canada next month with Prince William. Kate doesn't feel she needs any assistance in order to dress to impress.

The couple will hit North America early next month after their move into Kensington Palace. Kate seems to be relatively self-sufficient. The couple isn't hiring any household help for their new London apartment in the palace and the Daily Mail reports that Kate is 'perfectly happy and confident' chooing her own outfits.

There's talk that some of those outfits will include dresses from Victoria Beckham's collection. Apparently, Victoria sent some dresses to Kate and she fell in love with them. Kate and Will were expected to meet up with Victoria and her soccer-star husband David Beckham while in California in early July (the Beckhams are now based in L.A.) but are going to stick to just official duties, sources say.

While Kate might be confident about her wardrobe she must feel less confident in the maintenance of her own hair. She's bringing her hair stylist James Pryce along with her on the tour to ensure not a single hair is out of place.

Other personnel on the trip inclide an adviser, two press secretaries and two private secretaries to watch royal protocol and keep the the couple away from too many celebrities so as not to detract from the meaning of their visit.