It’s already been widely reported that pop star Ke$ha went to rehab to get help for an eating disorder, but her mother Pebe Sebert spoke out on Wednesday to make sure everyone knew her daughter was not suffering from alcoholism. The singer-songwriter, who is a self-admitted recovering alcoholic and drug addict, talked to Celebuzz about the “Timber” singer entering treatment earlier this week.

"That's a total lie," Sebert told Celebuzz on Wednesday about her daughter’s rumored alcoholism. "The place she's at is an eating disorder center. When they say 'people close to her' I will tell you I travel with her everywhere, her little brother, her assistant, makeup artist, talk to anyone."

Even though many of Ke$ha’s songs have to do with drinking, Sebert says her daughter, 26, knows when to stop when it comes to booze. "She might be crazy and she might get s--t-faced drunk, but everyone does," she said with a laugh. "She might have a few drinks here and there. But she doesn't have a drinking problem." Sebert then added that Ke$ha has been going to AA meetings with her mother since she was “just over a year old.” 

It’s been widely rumored that Ke$ha’s producer Lukasz Sebastian "Dr. Luke" Gottwald perpetuated the singer’s already negative body image, and Sebert didn’t refute the claim. In fact, she said it all stemmed back to when her daughter’s longtime producer essentially said that the pop star was shaped like a refrigerator. Sebert said she told her daughter what he had said and they then got her a personal trainer.

“The comment was ‘Can you make her not look like a refrigerator?” she said of Dr. Luke's alleged statement. “He said that to someone we were close to. It was said to someone else who made the mistake of telling me and I told her [Ke$ha].”

“She was dieting and she became bulimic. I remember over a period of a few months she got really skinny and she said she was running Runyon Canyon and just eating well,” she added.

“The truth is she was throwing up. I didn’t know until much later because she said she would quit,” Sebert said. “I think it’s gotten worse recently because after the ‘refrigerator’ comment, which was about a year ago, I think it kicked into high gear.”

Ke$ha checked into the same rehab facility that American singer and actress Demi Lovato checked into in 2010, Timberline Knolls, which is just outside Chicago, Illinois. She said in a Facebook message she would be seeking treatment for 30 days, but Sebert said she thinks it might be longer. Sebert and Ke$ha both appear on her daughter’s MTV reality show, “My Crazy Beautiful Life,” which is currently in its second season. Check it out on MTV every Wednesday at 10:30/9:30c.

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